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Day 4 of these daily posts (only 2 more to go).

Looking back at the pictures of the week-end we did for the past two years in Scotland, and so grateful that we choose this country and make it home.

Why do we love Scotland so much ? After planning to stay for 4 years, why are we still there after 10 ?

  • the nature: it amazed us how wild and beautiful this country is, and after all these years we are still not tired of it. The variety of landscape is a gift we know how to appreciate: from the highlands to the islands you can’t help being caught up in the drama and light on the hills and Loch. It is a photographer’s dream. And don’t forget that Scotland has some of the most beautiful beaches of the planet.
  • the people: Edinburgh is home and the kindness of the Scots is definitely one of the main reason for it (+ we love love love the accent).
  • where we live: beautiful human scale capital, where we feel safe, where we can do everything by foot or bike: 30 min cycle on one side and we are on a beach ; 30 min on the other side and we are on the hills – where we feel not stressed (like we do in London or Paris).
  • we come back to family after 1h30 plane journey and 1h30 train – even if we were living in south of France we would not beat that.
  • should we talk about the weather ? You get used to it 😉 – in Edinburgh it is not that bad actually, it is rarely raining all day, and we have blue sky at least once a day. (to be honest we are only missing being warm).
  • they have deep fried mars bar, sticky toffee pudding & haggis
  • and finally, Scotland’s Highland Coos are the cutest.

Bellow the latest selection of pictures we took the past 2 years during week ends.


Scotland, 2018/2020


If you want to discover Scotland through our lenses – there are some other albums:


Scottish Island, 2019 ➡


Scotland, 2011/2017 ➡


Bridges, Edinburgh, 2013 ➡


Deer Stalking, Scotland, 2012 ➡

I did not do Deer Stalking ! I was Yves Gellie assistant on one of his trip to Scotland for his deer stalking project. I had to go there with an open mind as it is something I am very not confortable with and kind of despised. I discovered the job of being Ghillies/ pony boys. These guys love their land with big harts and are very respectful of nature. One of their role is to make sure that the ‘stalker’ (the rich person paying to kill the dear) will only kill an old and sick animal. They are protecting the estate and its wildlife.


Skye, Scotland, 2012 ➡

The leaking hourglass

I started thinking about our survival needs, from what came the important question: why are we not more careful on what we do on the planet, when it is what offer us the possibility to live?

Our survival needs are:
– nutriment
– oxygen
– water
– appropriate atmospheric pressure

We can survive:
– 3 min without air
– 3 hours without a regulated body temperature
– 3 days without water
– 3 weeks without food

The one I am the most interested in is the water. Maybe because it is my favourite element to be in and my favourite drink 🙂
Our body is composed between 60% and 80% of water. It (water) provides the environment necessary for life.

A sandglass is meant to give the time like it is indefinite, but what if it was leaking ?

I am thinking to make one with water. The amount of water inside would be equivalent on the volume available on earth/per person, and would leak in accordance of the diminishing of the resource.




Mother Sen.se  is a home monitoring system from Sen.se which uses small sensor devices (so-called Cookies) to re- port to the main collecting staiton Mother. The Cookies report their dataMother which is connected to a server via Wi-Fi. The Cookies can be attached to or placed near objects or people to collect data about their status and behaviour. Currently, they can measure temperature and movement. They can store data for up to ten days until they need to report to Mother.

Some of the applications that the Mother already implements are

• personal activity monitoring
• coffee or water consumption
• pills regular intake
• detecting if a certain person enters home • monitoring sleeping patterns
• sensing room temperature • and many more

All these applications mentioned above can be configured, controlled and monitored by the users through the corresponding Mother-API. Currently, this is done through a mobile app- framework. Each application offers a graphic user interface (GUI) within the app-framework. There is also a central ’Senseboard’ where the user can see with a glance the most important information extracted from all the applications. Addition- ally, applications can interact with users by sending notifications via text messages, e-mails or phone calls.