Designer, Seeker, Dreamer

I am a designer, with a multidisciplinary background in maths and design.

I worked as research associate at the University of Edinburgh, amongst biologists at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, a DNA-assembly facility. I developed interfaces for their DNA assembly automated platform, as well as collaborating with Autodesk Bionano research group on their new CAD tool for biologists: Genetic Constructor.
I am also conducted academic research with Design Informatics around designing with living materials and the implications of such practices and developing concepts of a tangible interface for biologists to sketch DNA.

My work aims to emphasise the partial perspective we have of technologies – between perception and reality, imaginary and concrete – and their complex ambivalence – between positive or negative, harmful and helpful – depending of the contexts.

I explore how Design can challenge preconceptions towards technological breakthrough, develop a critical approach to assumptions and foster longer-term reflection on the consequences of individual actions.