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I created a poster for James McCallum, who broke the record for riding the North Coast 500 non-stop, back in June. It’s a 516 mile route which takes you round the very north of scotland starting and stopping in Inverness. He broke the record by 7 hours. He completed the ride in under 31 hours spending only just under 29 hours in the saddle, riding through the night, raising over £15000 in the process in aid of thrombosis UK (more about the exploit here).

I have been commissioned to create a print to commemorate this achievement and using the huge amount of data collected along the way (power numbers, speed, gradient’s etc…). Ultimately they wanted “something that looks visually simple, that tells the story of an epic journey but that when you stare a little bit longer there is some hidden detail” Gareth Edwards.

I used the route codified with colour gradient corresponding to the average speed speed, almost like a heat map. Along the route I symbolised the elevation and the time stamps and time of the day, while using grey scale on the route to represent when he rode in darkness. I used the colours scheme from their promotional website Ride for Charlene.


Bike safety gadgets

Revolights from Emeryville, California


Revolights are a system of white and red LEDs mounted on the bike’s front and rear wheels which light up as the wheels spin. Sensors calculate how fast the wheels are spinning and turn the LEDs on and off to create arcs of light – white at the front and red at the back – which are visible from all angles. The original idea was actually to try to make a more efficient headlight by getting the light as close to the ground as possible. After the first prototype. the creator realised the huge added side visibility the motion of the lights created, which if you ride a bike you know is a big deal. Based on that he quickly made a red version for the rear wheel, and Revolights was born.

See.sense intelligent bike light from Northern Ireland


The See.sense “intelligent” bike light uses sensor technology from smartphones to assess the rider’s environment and responds by making them more visible when they need it most. When the sensors detect that the cyclist is at a road junction or roundabout, or passing through a dark underpass, it tells the light to flash faster and brighter.

“My epiphany came when I was cycling along looking at the smart phone on my handlebars. I realised that the smart sensor technology it contained could be used to give a light situational awareness. In essence, the light could be bright when it needed to be and conserve energy at other times. ”

 Mission Lumen from San Francisco


The Lumen – handmade by Mission Bicycle of San Francisco – is the world’s first commercially available bike with a “retro-reflective” coating – with the frame and rims painted with hundreds of thousands of microscopic transparent spheres. The bike looks grey during the day – but when light hits the spheres at night it bounces straight back to the source, in a retro-reflective “cat’s eye” effect.

 Loud bicycle horn from Boston


There are a few bike horns on the market at the moment but, unlike some noisier rivals, the Loud Bicycle Horn is deliberately set at 112 decibels – mimicking a typical car horn. The two-tone sound closely matches the pitch of a car horn too. Inventor Jonathan Lansey, a research engineer, says drivers react to car horns immediately – without locating where the sound has come from first.

“There are some bike horns that are louder than car horns,” he adds. “But we found that the sound of a ‘proper’ car horn is just right to get a driver’s attention without damaging your ears. There has been a lot of research showing that car horns are one of the best sounds to deter accidents.”

 Hövding airbag from Sweden


The Hövding – stocked in UK shops for the first time this month, a couple of years after its launch – is an airbag collar which inflates in under a tenth of a second when it detects the abnormal movement associated with a crash. The company cites crash tests by Swedish insurance company Folksam, which compared the Hövding to traditional cycle helmets and found it performed far better in reducing the chances of serious head injury or fatal injury.

 Helios smart handlebars from California

Helios handlebars


Helios handlebars feature a super-bright headlight at the front, and two lights on the ends of the bars which can be used as directional indicators. Once connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth, the bar-end lights flash to offer easy-to-see turn-by-turn GPS navigation too.


Article from The guardian

Bike Sharing


Bike sharing/retting is become a very popular in most big cities in Europe.
There are health benefits where bicycle sharing systems are run, and it increases the number of people cycling (see the article :Impact Evaluation of a Public Bicycle Share Program on Cycling: A Case Example of BIXI in Montreal, Quebec) .

Impact Evaluation of a Public Bicycle Share Program on Cycling: A Case Example of BIXI in Montreal, Quebec

Wikipedia Bicycle sharing system

Madrid BiciMad

Paris Velib

London Barclays Cycle Hire

Comparison between Velib and the Boris Bike

Comparison between Velib and Barclays Cycle Hire




Bike your bike to park




As global concerns of energy conservation and environmental pollution increase, bicycles are once again becoming the vehicle of choice as a cleaner and more energy-efficient mode of transportation. This has brought a new challenge. Where will these bicycles be stored? Many countries such as the US and Korea are heavily promoting bicycle usage and implementing policies that can assist the increase of this transition. Simultaneously, even European cities that were previously known for heavy bicycle usage will also be facing the challenge of accommodating more bicycles as urbanization is bringing more and more people into the cities.

The Bike Hanger is a bicycle storage facility designed specifically for dense urban areas. Existing systems of bicycle storage facilities either take up large amounts of public space or rely heavily on electricity and computerization, leading to high operational costs and unnecessary energy consumption. The Bike Hanger, which has the capacity to vertically store up to 15 bicycles in a minimal amount of space, can be operated without any power, requiring only the simple pedaling motion of the user. Furthermore the main goal of its small footprint was so that it could be installed in narrow pockets of underutilized urban spaces allowing it to free up as much space as possible for pedestrians. The Bike Hanger was not designed with just function in mind, but with an industrial sensitivity to aesthetically compliment the busy urban environments it is meant to serve.



Text and images from: mfarch

Cycle Cycle Cycle!


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Knol ontwerps transit mantra


guiding cyclists through the dark dutmala tunnel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, ‘transit mantra’ is an interactive sound and light sculpture designed by Amsterdam-based designers knol ontwerp. opened in august 2013, the symbiotic piece provides an improved sense of safety for people crossing through the tunnel. influenced by the history of eindhoven, a city fused by a cluster of former villages – its decentralized character is still apparent today when one passes through. based on the notion of ‘being in transit’, the swarm-like installation seeks to enhance this experience, offering a pleasant moment of reflection. when people move through the tunnel, the overhead sculpture reacts to the human movement. cleverly, it responds differently to an individual walking through versus a group of people on a bike – the velocity and number of passengers influences the behavior of the installation, leading to an ever-changing pattern of light and sound.”

Designboom knol ontwerps transit mantra