What makes You »You«?

The films you take. The rhymes you make. A word. A scene. What makes You »You«? Take part in a journey where there are no wrong answers, just infinite perspectives. Join studio onformative in a global art project that explores self-identity.

We have been approached by AQKA to work on a digital artwork as part of Doug Aitken’s Station to Station project. The digital artwork which we developed using webGL and three.js invited people to answer the question of who they are by sharing their thoughts and experiences via twitter and Instagram. Who are you? – is a question with a dual quality. In the context of the event – you – refers either to the sole participant or the vast sea of contributors as a whole. As they all take part in this global event, their digital traces will form a collective super-sculpture over time. 
Who we are – is defined by our actions and responses. Like matter consists of relating atoms, the elementary units of the sculpture are the thoughts, feelings and impressions of individuals. As posts and tweets are converted into building blocks, their content will shape the collective artwork one unit at a time. The sole and personal contributions as small as they seem, are vital to the outcome of the collective structure. Thus a conglomerate of human emotion and reaction is digitally built during the event, giving form to who we are.