What if we were removing all the traffic lights ?


I came across a very interesting study in the book Ground control going against an idea firmly fixed in ‘everyone’s’ mind.  To resolved security on the streets and roads most of people will be tended to install all kind of signage, barriers, traffic lights, to separate the different kind of users (cyclists, pedestrians, drivers…).  A Dutch engineer, Hans Monderman, proved that all these artefacts intended to keep pedestrians and motorists apart and discourage both groups from engaging with each other, making interactions dangerous (Minton, 2009, p. 179). Experiences tend to prove that by removing all signs and protective objects the number of accident decrease drastically (44%), as it forces people ‘to look each other in the eye, to judge body language and learn to take responsibility’ (Minton, 2009, p. 181).

Source: Minton, A. (2009). Ground control. London: Penguin Group.