What came from brainstorming and tutorial

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My goal is to make people listen. Listen to themselves, to others and to the planet. But in our lives, each day in very busy, we have to work, travel to work, take care of the family, clean the house, buy grocery, cook, sleep…. and find a little time for ourself. How much ‘in-between’ time do we have for ourself ? Where and when can we reflect ? Reconnect with the self, and with the planet ? Maybe while we are on the toilets ? under the shower ? in the public transport ?

And when we have time how do we use it ? Facebook ? TV ? Reading ? Youtube ? Computer games ?

How much time in a day do we actually have a conversation not work related, take the time to think or reconnect with the planet, reflection on our actions ? How can I make time for that ? How can I make people think about our action towards the planet in a everyday basis ?

Can we develop empathy toward the planet ?

A lot of questions without answer yet.

It might be a start to observe jobs with ‘fallow time’ period. How do they occupy their time, when there is ‘nothing’ to do ?

taxi driver
train station employees
lollypops lady

From the last example, that I know well as I did this job for 7 years, when I was studying in France and during summers, you spend your days waiting that something happen. In the mind of people, it is easy you just spend your days waiting. It is true for the last part, you wait a lot but it is not easy. Your body is in pause, but you have to fight to not put your mind in pause too, as you have to constantly be alert to detect if someone need help. Moreover, most of the interventions are preventives. It is like ‘Minority report’ you alert or even punish before something happen, trying to visualise what could happen in the future, preventing potential accident to happen.

Why choose to do this job ?
How do you learn to be focused ?
How do you deal with boredom ?
Do you choose to prevent or wait for the problem ?
Are you stress while working ?
How do you watch, any tricks ?

I am very interested in the word LIFEguard. Could we all become PLANETguard. How to get people to watch and prevent the disaster ? I hope I will be inspired from the interviews and observation I will made in swimming pool.