Week end – Lisbon 2019

We went for 3 days in Lisbon last year.
I have difficulty to recall how easy it was to jump on a plane on a Friday evening after work and spend the week end in another country, discovering a new city. It was a first for me in Portugal, and hopefully not the last time. I loved the colours, the climate (taking the sun January is not something you can hope for in Scotland), the architecture, the food…

It was a proper break, no plans, wandering in the small streets and living in the moment. And when you don’t plan it is when life give you opportunities you can take 🙂 : we were walking towards the Expo ’98 Portuguese National Pavilion – “an enormous and impossibly thin concrete canopy, draped effortlessly between two mighty porticoes and framing a commanding view of the water” (ArchDaily).

Picture by Paulo Guerra

This is not my picture, I don’t have any good one – why ? because we didn’t see before dawn. 500m from it, we noticed people (a lot of people) queuing in front of building (we will learn that it was the Altice Arena) – Because I am very curious I went to ask someone:

– why are people queuing?
– it is for the circus

?‍♀️ Circus you said ? Google: ‘circus Lisbon January’ = OVO Cirque du Soleil ? = tickets available ? . We went in the queue, booked tickets while queuing and, here we were seating in this arena to see the last Lisbon’s show of my favourite Circus company. It was completely unexpected and made it even more magical.


Lisbon, 2019