I had a lot of thought after seeming this movie during take one action festival. First on the impact human choices have on nature (pollution, dry rivers, immerge lands…), even you know all of that having it in front of our eyes like that is like a huge slap into the face, and make you reconsider some of your choice and actions. Also the huge inequality on the planet about the access to water: 748 million people doesn’t have access to clean water every day. And all the derived problems about sanitation: 2.5 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation, one in three of the world’s population and a child dies every minute because they don’t have toilets.

The final sentence of the movie tell that we are all compose of 70% of water, we are all human. Since it kind of obsesses me, as I would like to find the perfect way to visualise that. It is for me a perfect image to be reminded that WE ARE ALL HUMAN. It could help to fight racism, inequality…



WATERMARK  is a feature documentary from multiple-award winning filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier, and renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, making their second collaboration after Manufactured Landscapesin 2006. Watermark is the third part of Burtynsky’s Water project which includes a book and major photographic exhibition. Shot in stunning 5K ultra high-definition video and full of soaring aerial perspectives, this film shows water as a terraforming element and the scale of its reach, as well as the magnitude of our need and use. In Watermark, the viewer is immersed in a world defined by a magnificent force of nature that we all too often take for granted – until it’s gone.

Before the start of the movie, instead having add they projected this campaign from Water aid, and I think everyone should see it and reflect on it: