Tous en cuisine

I am not use to talk about food, but I came across 3 great projects/blogs. I am sure some of you might like to try out some the recipes, and if you are not a great cook like me it is still worth a look for the beauty of the dishes.


They design poetic, interactive and unusual culinary experiences. It can be dinners, installations, performances or cooking workshops for unique moments of exchange and sharing.


les miitonnees

Les Miitonnées, it the blog / lab of ideas from the previous exemple mit-studio. Simple recipes to do at home.


data cuisine

this set of tableware by designer iohanna pani uses statistical data to generate its forms. the ‘form follows data’ collection embeds personal statistical data into everyday objects altering their design in the process. The plates in the series feature a pattern based on a visualization of blood tests, while coffee cups were designed to represent the amount of coffee consumed daily.