The Day and Night Light by Éléonore Delisse

I made the clock, she made the lamp. Very close concept from my Circadian clock but with light. It is very elegant and I wish I came up with this idea (even if I still like very much my clock).

Text from Design Milk
The Day and Night Light by Éléonore Delisse is not only a beautiful, richly hued lamp, it also has a psychological benefit. The way the colors oscillate within the lamp is coordinated with the body’s circadian rhythm, and can help rebalance our internal cycles. Set to cycle every 24 hours, the light changes due to a slowly rotating dichroic glass. In the morning, it casts a cool blue light to stimulate wakefulness. In the evening, it shines a warm amber, resulting in increased melatonin production to aid with sleep. By mimicking natural daylight, it helps stop the negative affects of winter. For those who may suffer from seasonal affective disorder, the Day and Night Light might be the perfect alternative remedy.