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Another photo series. Laurent Dequick’s pictures are for me a good  representation of todays city. They are not static, alike their inhabitants. Foster reflection on the way we live nowadays. Is it time to slow down ?

He leads a thinking on the contemporary city and the proliferation of modern urban space. Through his series “Vibrations”, the artist is trying to disclose accurately the impression of frenzy that results from population density and urban activity. Text from Fubiz

Caged memories


Luzinterruptus, is an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces. They use light as a raw material and the dark as their canvas.

The artists began to act on the streets of Madrid at the end of 2008 and had the simple idea of focusing people’s attention by shining light on problems that the artists found in the city and that seem to go unnoticed by the authorities and citizens.
But everything that the artists do, does not have a subversive aim. Sometimes the artists simply want to embellish, or to highlight anonymous places or corners that seem special or objects to which they consider of extraordinary artistic value, although they have been left on the streets for unknown seasons, with artistic intention, by anonymous people. The artists carried out all this with the material that they know firsthand and inspired them the most: light. Besides providing a great visual impact, light allows them to make interventions in a smaller degree and greater in others. The artists avoid deteriorating urban furniture and carefully leave room on the scene for other artists to work on or to the users of that common space, which is scarce in large cities.

Regarding the day ‘Caged Memories’ installation was put up Luzinterruptus commented:
“With our installation, Caged Mementos, shining in all its splendor, after being reinstalled and perfectly secured, we are inspired to show you the images of what happened that particular Sunday on which we held our collection of objects in the Plaza de Ministriles in Madrid.
The photos say it all, there was a great influx of people, hot chocolate, street music, people dancing and more than 300 mementos brought by the residents, some of the most sentimental and personal… others likeable… others improvised… in summary a day we will not forget.
Now, all those mementos are hanging in golden cages and at night they are illuminated with a cheery golden light, converting this grey square in the center of Madrid into a cheery public place, where you can stay awhile looking at the illuminated sky protected from the cold.”

From morfae

Bike your bike to park




As global concerns of energy conservation and environmental pollution increase, bicycles are once again becoming the vehicle of choice as a cleaner and more energy-efficient mode of transportation. This has brought a new challenge. Where will these bicycles be stored? Many countries such as the US and Korea are heavily promoting bicycle usage and implementing policies that can assist the increase of this transition. Simultaneously, even European cities that were previously known for heavy bicycle usage will also be facing the challenge of accommodating more bicycles as urbanization is bringing more and more people into the cities.

The Bike Hanger is a bicycle storage facility designed specifically for dense urban areas. Existing systems of bicycle storage facilities either take up large amounts of public space or rely heavily on electricity and computerization, leading to high operational costs and unnecessary energy consumption. The Bike Hanger, which has the capacity to vertically store up to 15 bicycles in a minimal amount of space, can be operated without any power, requiring only the simple pedaling motion of the user. Furthermore the main goal of its small footprint was so that it could be installed in narrow pockets of underutilized urban spaces allowing it to free up as much space as possible for pedestrians. The Bike Hanger was not designed with just function in mind, but with an industrial sensitivity to aesthetically compliment the busy urban environments it is meant to serve.



Text and images from: mfarch