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Swimming pool toys

A way to modify the experience of a space, creation of a different world. But why ?

Canadian design collective Les Astronautes has lined a disused alley in Quebec with hundreds of protruding pool noodles.

“The intervention takes advantage of the anonymity and the narrowness of the site,” the trio said. “The contrast with the historical surroundings attracts people to discover this forgotten space in the city.”

They lined the length of the passage between two buildings with wooden panels that reach well above head height. Hundreds of pink and orange tube-shaped pool noodles, normally used for staying afloat in the swimming pool, are slotted through holes in the pink-painted panels so they droop into the alley.

“The piece creates a total environment that throws passers-by into a completely different world,” said the designers. Visitors walking between the colourful walls can touch and hide amongst the foam tubes, which were positioned in patterns across the surfaces using software including Grasshopper and Rhino.

“The large number of pool noodles generates a colourful atmosphere reminiscent of summer that also has something uncanny, organic and lifelike, almost like vines in a jungle,” the designers said. From Dezeen

David Mesguich

“In a obsessional way David travels cities and develops an atypical mapping by focusing his interest for all which,in those spaces of passage separates and divides up. By drawing and by monumental installations in-situ that he re-appropriates some parcels of those aseptic territoriesHe turns his gaze to our world-cities, through which we construct our thoughts, identities, individual existences and even poetic speech. It is not that we find ourselves succumbing to the power of denial; the desire to reject the universe in which we are always, and undeniably a part of. On the contrary, we must seek to get through it as we can, to pass by the rifts, to follow through the arteries of our existence, to explore its folds. It’s a question of making live the movement of an eye which uses trickery with the objectives of CCTV, which challenges the modes of control and which tries to open the perspectives of a singular vision.”
“The story of “pressure” it’s the story of people who are on the fence, inbetween worlds, those who are both on the inside and on the outside.”