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Data to sound & New turntable

Python doing music

Tania asked her boyfriend Aldo to help us with transforming our raw sound into something more musical. He found a great music synthesizer made in python by a guy called Martin C. Doege
He used a 3D model file we gave him: .stl file to .wav (via importing raw data in Audacity).

This is the original sound file:

What he did is (quote him form his blog): “the basic idea was to read the wav file, get the data, which is an array of numbers with lots of precision. That particular wav file (the one Tania gave me), it ranges from -1 to 1, and it was 1519616 on length. So, the idea was to map those values, and the changed them to notes, and then create a synthesizer sound file from it. Of course there is more music science behind it, but me, being not a music scientist I fixed the octaves, and with that the time changed…”

It gives this file:

The code is this:
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 16.17.21
We also received the first of the 4 turntables we will use for our installation. It is working perfectly and we have now to find some speakers in order to make the installation working.