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David Mesguich

“In a obsessional way David travels cities and develops an atypical mapping by focusing his interest for all which,in those spaces of passage separates and divides up. By drawing and by monumental installations in-situ that he re-appropriates some parcels of those aseptic territoriesHe turns his gaze to our world-cities, through which we construct our thoughts, identities, individual existences and even poetic speech. It is not that we find ourselves succumbing to the power of denial; the desire to reject the universe in which we are always, and undeniably a part of. On the contrary, we must seek to get through it as we can, to pass by the rifts, to follow through the arteries of our existence, to explore its folds. It’s a question of making live the movement of an eye which uses trickery with the objectives of CCTV, which challenges the modes of control and which tries to open the perspectives of a singular vision.”
“The story of “pressure” it’s the story of people who are on the fence, inbetween worlds, those who are both on the inside and on the outside.”


Chimecco by Mark Nixon is a kinetic sculpture ‘Chimecco’ is a large interactive wind chime by artist Mark Nixon. He has turned a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a musical instrument by hanging metal pipes from the underside.

Mark Nixon’s kinetic sculpture ‘Chimecco’ has been realised as part of the exhibition ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ in Aarhus, Denmark.

The piece is constructed from 600 50mm diameter gold anodized aluminium pipes ranging in length from 120 mm up to 3750mm. These pipes are attached to the underside of a bridge and with a series of interactive nodes on the top surface that allow for people to “play” the instrument. Varying in length, the pipes move freely in the breeze, sounding like a traditional wind chime when they collide.

According to Nixon, “Chimecco” operates on three conceptual levels

1. The idea of music and interaction as a catalyst for conversation and play.

2. The non-visual object. The sculpture is ‘hidden’ beneath the bridge. A constant varying in wind conditions on the site mean that the sculpture will hide and reveal itself through the creation of sound when the wind choses to blow. Some days the sculpture will be discovered, creating a beautiful moment of realisation in the viewer, while other day the sculpture will remain still and may be completely passed by. The use of interactive nodes on the top creates another interesting effect. Due to the object being hidden while it is played a condition of performers and audience is created. The piece can be experienced in a number of different ways but never in its totality.

3. Creation through the combined interactions of human movement and natural movement.

Chimecco on dezeen


Knol ontwerps transit mantra


guiding cyclists through the dark dutmala tunnel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, ‘transit mantra’ is an interactive sound and light sculpture designed by Amsterdam-based designers knol ontwerp. opened in august 2013, the symbiotic piece provides an improved sense of safety for people crossing through the tunnel. influenced by the history of eindhoven, a city fused by a cluster of former villages – its decentralized character is still apparent today when one passes through. based on the notion of ‘being in transit’, the swarm-like installation seeks to enhance this experience, offering a pleasant moment of reflection. when people move through the tunnel, the overhead sculpture reacts to the human movement. cleverly, it responds differently to an individual walking through versus a group of people on a bike – the velocity and number of passengers influences the behavior of the installation, leading to an ever-changing pattern of light and sound.”

Designboom knol ontwerps transit mantra