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Running Stitch

“Running Stitch sews together our routes to work, to the sea, and our walks for exercise or shopping with the meandering and more personal journeys we might take within the fabric of the city.”

Running Stitch was a 25sq/m tapestry map, created live in the gallery over four weeks, that charted visitors’ daily journeys through the city.

For Running Stitch, artists Jen Southern & Jen Hamilton re-configured Brighton & Hove by ‘capturing’ its space through the movement of its inhabitants. Visitors to Fabrica were given the opportunity to take a GPS-enabled mobile phone with them to track their journeys through the city centre. These walks around the city resulted in individual GPS ‘drawings’ of the visitor’s movements that were projected live in the gallery to disclose aspects of the city unknown to the artists. Each individual route was sewn into a hanging canvas to form an evolving tapestry that revealed a sense of place and interconnection.

In the years leading up to their exhbition at Fabrica, Jen Hamilton (Canada) & Jen Southern (UK) had been using Satellite Navigation technology to explore urban environments. Data generated from the walking routes that they invited people to take were often processed in their installations to create collaborative and personalised maps. Two previous projects – Distance Made Good:Flow Lines (Morecambe and Lancaster, 2006) and Satellite Bureau (Cardiff, 2005) each involved people in making new maps of their locality determined not by formal topographical or geopolitical conventions, but by their own choice of journey.

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