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Internet of things

A series of examples of things from the internet of things


Nokia Treasure Tag



“Attach the The Nokia Treasure Tag onto your important possessions, and it will notify you when you are about to leave them behind. The treasure tag works best with Lumia Black software, so Nokia recommends updating your Lumia smartphone to get the most out of your Nokia Treasure Tag.” From microsoft.com





see, understand and control energy consumption at home




The HAPIfork is a “smart fork” designed to monitor your eating habits.


Parrot Flower Power



An incredible sensor that assesses your plants’ needs and sends alerts to your smartphone. From Parrot




Mother Sen.se  is a home monitoring system from Sen.se which uses small sensor devices (so-called Cookies) to re- port to the main collecting staiton Mother. The Cookies report their dataMother which is connected to a server via Wi-Fi. The Cookies can be attached to or placed near objects or people to collect data about their status and behaviour. Currently, they can measure temperature and movement. They can store data for up to ten days until they need to report to Mother.

Some of the applications that the Mother already implements are

• personal activity monitoring
• coffee or water consumption
• pills regular intake
• detecting if a certain person enters home • monitoring sleeping patterns
• sensing room temperature • and many more

All these applications mentioned above can be configured, controlled and monitored by the users through the corresponding Mother-API. Currently, this is done through a mobile app- framework. Each application offers a graphic user interface (GUI) within the app-framework. There is also a central ’Senseboard’ where the user can see with a glance the most important information extracted from all the applications. Addition- ally, applications can interact with users by sending notifications via text messages, e-mails or phone calls.