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Black water vortex

I generally like Kappoor’s work, but I am particularly impressed by this one. Recreate this kind of phenomenon relate of the magic in our mind. The images are beautiful but I guess that seeing it for real might be hypnotic. And from the explanation of this work (see bellow) I understand why his work fascinate me: he is playing with boundaries 🙂

the kochi-muziris biennale is india’s first biennale for contemporary art being held in kochi. one of the festival’s biggest draws is legendary artist anish kapoor‘s ‘descension’, created especially for the event. kapoor — long renowned for his large-scale, invasive sculptural works — sets visitors within the harrowing space at aspinwall house, fort kochi, where a caged vortex of black water spins down a seemingly bottomless hole in the gallery floor. a perpetually rushing whirlpool churns into the ground, entrancing observers in its continuity, and creating a spine-chilling atmosphere for those nearby. contained within the circular gate, ‘descension’ naturally draws visitors to peer as far down to its depths as they can, but it is kapoor’s masterful play with boundaries that keeps them constantly intrigued. Text from Designboom