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In-Between Moments In Life

Tao Liu Photographs The Awkward, In-Between Moments In Life:

Liu is fairly popular street photographer in China—where he lives—and is a self-taught artist. His photography and style are born from his (assumed) former job as a water meter reader. He would take photos of little things that caught his eye on breaks and when walking to or from work. Obviously what he saw has hit something very relatable as he has become incredibly popular at pointing out life’s little idiosyncrasies.

If you recall almost a year ago, we shared similar work by photographer John Goldsmith. Both artists point out how ridiculous life can be and that, if you stop to take the time or simply look at something another way, you can have a good laugh at it. And, again: photography like this relies on expert timing. From The Fox Is Black

Swimming pool toys

A way to modify the experience of a space, creation of a different world. But why ?

Canadian design collective Les Astronautes has lined a disused alley in Quebec with hundreds of protruding pool noodles.

“The intervention takes advantage of the anonymity and the narrowness of the site,” the trio said. “The contrast with the historical surroundings attracts people to discover this forgotten space in the city.”

They lined the length of the passage between two buildings with wooden panels that reach well above head height. Hundreds of pink and orange tube-shaped pool noodles, normally used for staying afloat in the swimming pool, are slotted through holes in the pink-painted panels so they droop into the alley.

“The piece creates a total environment that throws passers-by into a completely different world,” said the designers. Visitors walking between the colourful walls can touch and hide amongst the foam tubes, which were positioned in patterns across the surfaces using software including Grasshopper and Rhino.

“The large number of pool noodles generates a colourful atmosphere reminiscent of summer that also has something uncanny, organic and lifelike, almost like vines in a jungle,” the designers said. From Dezeen

David Mesguich

“In a obsessional way David travels cities and develops an atypical mapping by focusing his interest for all which,in those spaces of passage separates and divides up. By drawing and by monumental installations in-situ that he re-appropriates some parcels of those aseptic territoriesHe turns his gaze to our world-cities, through which we construct our thoughts, identities, individual existences and even poetic speech. It is not that we find ourselves succumbing to the power of denial; the desire to reject the universe in which we are always, and undeniably a part of. On the contrary, we must seek to get through it as we can, to pass by the rifts, to follow through the arteries of our existence, to explore its folds. It’s a question of making live the movement of an eye which uses trickery with the objectives of CCTV, which challenges the modes of control and which tries to open the perspectives of a singular vision.”
“The story of “pressure” it’s the story of people who are on the fence, inbetween worlds, those who are both on the inside and on the outside.”

Tape installation

Linking places. Creating passage with ‘unconventional’ materials. Experiencing unforgettable journey. Changing the perception of a space.

” Although the Tape Installation is conceived as a kind of parasite, site specific object located at places like old attic, columns of a historical building, group of tries or an industrial concrete structure, due to location change of DMY a custom scaffolding construction had to be made. Therefore the installation appeared more like a captured UFO on the old Tempelhof Airport and less like a cocoon.

The installation was executed within four days (approximately 160 working hours) utilizing almost 700 conventional transparent tapes (45 km of tape). The tendons of multiple layers of transparent adhesive tape are firstly stretched in between a construction. The following continuous wrapping of tendons results in a complex, amorphous surface through the process reminiscent of growing of organic forms.

The idea for the installation originates in a set design concept for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars. The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a (tape) recording of the choreography. ” From Dezeen

Designing for alternate reality

OccultUs by Simon de Diesbach – Designing for alternate reality

Very interesting way to mix reality and virtuality
Reflexion on:
– reality and physical intervention are so powerful.
– how is it to be stuck between 2 worlds ?
– challenging perception



” Created by Simon de Diesbach at ECAL with the support from Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, and Christophe Guignard, OccultUs is an installation that exploits the potential of the Oculus Rift technology by immersing the user into a sensory experience that mixes two distinct realities, physical and simulated.

The installation includes a collection of “abstract machines” designed to enhance the experience. What at first may seem like an uncomfortable scenario, user being seated in the centre of the unknown, the minimal virtual world takes over bringing the strange machinery to life, activated by the user’s gaze and creating a dynamic interplay between the virtual and the surrounding physical animations.

Users find themselves at the core of a hybrid space, where images and sound, though originating in heterogeneous realities, coincide. Stuck between two worlds, their perception is challenged. The OccultUs experience requests users’ participation in a double way: as the leading actor of the piece, but also as an integral part of it by becoming the object of other spectators’ attention.

Another interest element in the project is the physical abstraction of sound. Whilst there may have been more obvious choices behind how the sound is generated, their visual appearance if primarily driven by their function in virtual space. This raises many questions about how we may begin designing physical objects that complement and connect to our virtual experiences rather than the other way around. Traditionally we have sampled real life sounds to produce the digitally enhanced or manipulated. In this reverse scenario, we are using the real-world generated sounds to enhance the alternate reality.

OccultUs is a young project. The number of machines is limited for now. However, Simon’s objective is to increase their number and hence the diversity of sounds, in order to give a larger dimension to the experience. ”

From creativeapplications



Named Constell.ation, LIKEarchitects month-long intervention comprised several clusters of slender arches, which were made by filling red corrugated tubes with LED lighting. The clusters were scattered around the grounds of the Portuguese Presidential Residence in Lisbon, a building that now functions as a museum but whose gardens had not before been accessible to the general public. The arch – a primordial element in architecture – has the inherent power to create space and, at the same time, to build a physical relation between two places,” said Aguiar.

The reinterpretation of lightning elements associated with Christmas, has found in the multiplication of lighting arches – which usually embrace the city streets – the opportunity to form an whole intervention composed with different moments, in different places, which intended to hold a continuous diffusion within the different levels of the classical garden, celebrating the Nativities without recurring to common places associated this special festivity.

Materialised by a network of contiguous arches in red corrugated tube, illuminated by a LED lighting system, Conste.llation delicately dances on the gardens, connecting spaces and crafting unexpected routes. The arch – a primordial element in architecture – has the inherent power to create space (under, inside, etc.), and, at the same time, to build a physical relation between two places (between, inside, etc.) being related also to the idea of connection and unification.

article on Deezen