Proposal – The World as Turntables

Installation of turntable(s) to foster reflections on the long term consequences of our actions/inaction/behaviour, and the butterfly effect that actions can have: raise awareness of our right, duty and power as an individual to act for a greater good and a better future.

We are at a turning point / point of no return of what the earth can provide
– We have a choice and duty to educate ourselves to act and behave in a more sustainable manner.
– Encouraging people to feel the harmony of our ideal sustainable relationship with earth and the disharmony of our current relationship with it.
– Break the borders we constructed between us and the planet

Proposal 1

Create an instillation of turntables representing either: 
– different continents (one turntable=one continent)
– people
– towns
– natural resources
– endangered species
– …
vinyl: on each a vinyl playing a symbolic instrument(s).
speed: they all turn at different speed: speed = energy consumption / natural resources
-> if we all continu to live as we do on the planet we would need 1.5 planets to provides our needs, if we concentrate in europe, it is 2.5 planet. The idea is to make the turntable faster related to this idea.
interactivity: visitors would have the possibility to play with cursors to answer simple questions to calculate how many planet we would need if the rest of the world population was living alike. It would modify the speed of the discs
– goal: the goal would be to try to make the planet be in harmony (all the disc turning at the same speed to hear the music).


Proposal 2

Create an instillation with a turntable with multiple harm/needle could represent the different aspects described previously. 
– needle: on each a vinyl playing a symbolic instrument(s). 
– speed: the speed = energy consumption / natural resources (same as previously)
– interactivity: same as previously
– goal: the goal would be to try to make the planet be in harmony (find the right speed to hear the music).



The first proposal might be too consensual. We all will never have the same right, same way of living. Do we want a homogene society, like we all are clones ? But in the same time it is not right that some have the ability to consume in 1 hour what other will in a month or more ? How can we find a balance between equality (the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities) and equity (the quality of being fair and impartial: equity of treatment.)

Harmony is difficult to define – it is not only fast and slow

Might be to linear, and when it is  you miss direction and possibilities – lecturing on personal behaviour