Social Shopping

Freelance Designer
Edinburgh, Scotland 2015

“Can we increase the public perception of the value of collective consumer datasets by decreasing the friction in donating to food banks?” The Connected High Street

I designed an iPad application and accompanying website for the project Social shopping, part of an EPSRC funded project conducted by Design Informatics (developed by Duncan Shingleton). These platforms were designed to allow shoppers to donate their supermarket reward points to food banks.

This app was part of a physical installation (designed by Mark Kobine) and a card scanner and receipt printer (by Mark Selby) which printed the shopper’s receipt with a unique barcode. This barcode identifies the merchant, rewards account number, and transaction reward value. After a one-time setup of the customer details within the application, the shopper would be able to scan the barcode, and then donate those points to a food bank of their choosing

The final design was colourful, representing diversity and communities and the logo recalled shopping centre’s design as well as barcodes. The interface was intuitive and simple, allowing the customers to donate easily.


Picture by Mark Kobine (