Dynamic Web Design course, semester 2
Collaboration with Mariela Barzalo

MA Design Informatics
ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland 2015

In collaboration with Mariela Barzalo (and help from Clément Mouchet), we created HELPPY. It is a free platform to collaborate, offer and receive skills. We imagine an environment of collaboration between people. The more hands helping each other, the better! Helppers get together and work on interdisciplinary projects by sharing their knowledge and skills. Helppy is a community of people who care about learning from others, enjoy the process of creativity, are excited to work with people from different disciplines and are interested in increasing their professional and social network.

it has been created for Edinburgh College of Art’s students to share their creative skills with other students who might need help; allowing them to collaborate in interdisciplinary projects for free. Every Helppy user can add one or more skills they would like to share with others, from Adobe Illustrator knowledge to Pattern Cutting or Sewing. They can rate their own level of expertise in each skill and categorize it within 16 different areas or creative elds (E.g Graphic Design, Fashion) By helping other users with their skills their work will be rated with a system of “green score“ that is based on the time they have helped. Therefore, each user pro le shows how much a student has been helped by others and how much time they have spent helping other users, as well as the average score they have been given after sharing their skills. All categories and skills can be searched for and ltered through the website’s own search system.

Discover HELLPY here

For more informations about the design choices, the technologies used and the team organisation see the full Alpha and Beta reports.