Genetic Constructor

Designer @ Edinburgh Genome Foundry
Edinburgh, Scotland 2016

Collaboration as UX/UI designer with BioNano team at Autodesk Research on Autodesk Genetic Constructor

This is the list of my contributions between November 2015 and September 2016, under Joe Lachoff (Senior Principal User Experience Designer) supervision.

– Designed a range of colour palettes & design for SBOLs symbol
– Proposed a range of designs for the circular view of a plasmid
– Proposed a range of designs for the block view based on Joe’s UX requirements
– Initial proposals for the inspector and a circular navigation
– Design of the sequence detail (exploration of different solution, new features and development of the design with specifications)
– Proposed a design for the home page with the cookie banner. I used pictures of the glass dominoes I made as a physical interface for synthetic biologists to design DNA.
– Research with scientists to design the templates and combinatorial design (determine the methods, which filters are needed…)
– Work in collaboration with Joe on the design of the templates and inspector for template. e.g. : I designed the UX and UI of the relation between the block view and the sequence detail when using templates
– Designed a scroll bar for the sequence viewer
– Proposed UI and UX of new features for the colour palette