Personal project, semester 1
Developed by Chris Barker

MA Design Informatics
ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland 2014

Design of a Web App called MyMap.
It is a map revealing itself in accordance with the places you have visited physically.
It is built on the concept to expand our territories and encourage to reflect on all the place we will have to discover in our life, as well as the one we will never see. It is about reflecting on the borders and boundaries we create ‘in our mind’ the concept of ‘self-inflicted boundaries’ and how our habits and routines keep us from going outside of our comfort zone. Moreover, it is a reflection on the borders imposed by politics and territory and the inequality between nationalities restricted in the freedom of movement.

Use of hulljs to draw around the GPS points the route. The app uses PhoneGap, a free and open source framework based on Apache Cordova that allows you to create mobile apps using standardised web APIs for web platforms as well as a mobile app with the same code. The language is JavaScript. To store the routes (even is it not possible yet with the current version) HTML5 Local Storage will be used. Google Maps API, Cordova plugin geolocation and the GPS of the phone are used as well (the development has been done by developer Chris Barker).

Try MyMap in your Mobile Browser!
Project included in my master dissertation ‘Partial Perspectives’