Design with Data course
Partner with the National Museum of Scotland
Collaboration with Alkistis Valouktsi, Tania Ortega & Demi Wu
ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland 2015

Datable is a project related with interactive data exploration of objects, the internet of things but most of all to make the invisible visible.
We did an exploratory data analysis about certain aspects of materiality and immateriality of objects.
We used sound as a the final representation of the information, using sonification concept.
By creating a turntable with 4 arms, enabling to play 4 tracks of a vinyl simultaneously (tracks representing the shape, the materiality, the use and the memory of an object), it gives the user the opportunity to get a different understanding of the data and an unusual way of perceiving objects.

My role during this project: conceptualisation of the final outcome – prototype, design and creation of the turntable – layout and organisation of the different presentations – research

Presentation and report