Pier Fabre suspends red strings

An other installation with red strings disturbing a space.
Something thin as a string but multiply can completely make a difference. The power of number.



” Red lines radiate from the top of a waterfall over the pool below in this installation by French artist Pier Fabre for the Horizons Sancy art and nature festival in France. The 240 bright red strings are suspended in front of a cascade at Egliseneuve d’Entraigues, in the mountainous Sancy region of central France.

“My kinetic artwork Dripping… is designed to create an unusual scenic space above the water,” Fabre told Dezeen.

Originating from the top of the eight-metre-high falls, the 20-metre strings curve out in three tiers and appear to end in midair above the water.

“Water runs along all the lines and it is scattered from them like rain over the pool below,” said Fabre. “This never-ending rainfall is particularly spectacular when backlit, with the sun shining through every droplet.”

The strings are carried on metal wires, which connect to a thin frame that crosses the river. This frame attaches to trees on either side of the water and is anchored to rocks on the ground. ” From Deezen