Another attempt to be omniscient. Do we have to be everywhere at all the time ? Do we want to be control in distance ? Or simply, do we want to be control more that we already are ? This project raise important question that we should think about while building our future and thinking about our actions and their impacts.


Omnipresenz is an online system in which you can guide the actions of a real human avatar located anywhere in the world. It’s the world’s first social innovation telepresence experience and its looking for support via indiegogo. It literally takes you to a distant place. Transport your eyes, ears, emotions and your decisions to interact with the real world through a human avatar that represents you anywhere in the world… Through Omnipresenz you can control the actions of a human avatar (teleguided person) located in a specific area of a big city around the world. This telepresent tourist makes an online audiovisual stream of all of that they see and hear from their point of view; similar to a first-person gaming experience. (description from creative applications)