Lucy McRae

A very inspirational artist. Her topics are mostly technology, body and space. She an exemple of a mix between science and art.




“Lucy McRae is a Body Architect exploring the relationship between the body, technology and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials. She invents playful, imaginary worlds steered by complex scientific  challenges to create portals of possibility that provoke the way people embody the future.”

“Where does the term “body architect” come from? I made it up to get hired for a job. I remember standing in the HR office being faced with the question “What are you?”. Wafting my hands in the air, scrambling for a description that packaged my background in ballet, architecture and fashion I plainly said, “I’m not just one thing, I’m a hybrid”. He gestured towards a white board with a matrix of job descriptions and explained he needed my job title in order to hire me, I left without the job. I called the my soon-to-be boss and said “Didn’t get the job, as I don’t know what I am.” He said “Go back and tell them you are a body architect”. I returned to HR the following week, knocked on the door and said “I am a body architect”… “Okay”, he said “Sign here, you start next week”.

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