If the world’s population lived like…

Tim De Chant created this great infographic “if the world’s population lived like…” He used data set that allows for reliable comparisons—the National Footprint Account from the Global Footprint Network. He argues that “their methodology is consistent and comprehensive. Each country’s footprint is assembled from sub-footprints, ranging from cropland to carbon to urbanization to fishing grounds.” He used only terrestrial sub-footprints.



It is related to my ideas and concept of the world as turntable , and how to bring responsibility on our actions which have long term consequences. We can’t continue to live the way we do ! The issue is how to change our way of living with the standard we have now ? Moreover what could be the design solutions to make this reflection and foster little changes ?

I made some research on the vocabulary around this topic : Ecological footprint  –  Earth’s energy budget  –  World energy consumption

And found this article from the MailOnlineWe’ve used up all the resources the Earth can provide for the year and are now in ‘overdraft’, campaigners warn

“The world has now reached ‘earth overshoot day’, the point in the year that humans have exhausted supplies such land, trees and fish. We have also outstripped the planet’s annual capacity to absorb waste products including carbon dioxide, the Global Footprint Network says”

And this is the Living Planet Report 2014 Facts, which doesn’t deliver good news…

Finally we shall all do this test from the WWF : HOW BIG IS YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT?

My result is not good…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 22.55.21