Happy, a documentary about happiness

What makes you happy?

HAPPY – Directed by Roko Belic – seeks to share the wisdom of traditional cultures and the cutting edge science that is now, for the first time, exploring human happiness. Through powerful interviews, we explore what makes people happy across the world. 

Some notes i took during the movie:

compassion – gratitude – caring – love -> spiritual emotion
make you think about things that are bigger than yourself
seek your own happiness, self happiness -> selfish
move to the wellbeing of the world -> your life grows, you car about something bigger than yourself, transcend your own life.

If each of us spend a little bit of time each day practicing to cooper happiness and also to call the other vertus quality: compassion, altruism -> the world would be a better place -> it would transform our brain in a positive way

It is about being authentic with who you are

Thinking happiness as a skill -> no different to learn how to play violin or golf

The formula for happiness is not the same for everyone
the things we love to do are the building blocks of a happy life: play, new experiences, friends and family, doing things that are meaning full, appreciate what we have -> things that makes us happy are free -> the more you have the more everyone has, benefice from it

social bounding, interaction, co-operation -> rewording to human, how we inhibit our self-interest in order to do something with someone -> otherwise you don’t cooperate, self cent rated. We don’t behave that way, we are human, social creature

Co-operation -> elicit dopamine signals, the act of co-operate with another human can, in the right circumstances, feel as good as taking a drug that increase your dopamine.

In a culture which often encourage competition instead of cooperation

Joy comes from connection to others, the best things we can do for child is to learn them to love well

Before modern culture influenced our thought about happiness, what made us happy before video games, internet and television, car and electricity.

Dalai Lama: to teach me the value of compassion is my mother. Compassion, from birth is in our blood, your whole life.

People who do a specific form of meditation, compassion and loving kindness can increase their happiness level to a greater extend and for a far longer period of time.

Richard J. Davidson Phd

When we work in a community we realise that: my life is pretty good as it is, I have something to give to someone, who doesn’t have something that I have. You switch from thinking about what don’t I have to what do I have that I can share.
-> we know from research that it is a very powerful thing which makes people happier

We all need something bigger than our self:
– structure religion
– compassion, caring
– gratitude
– spiritual feeling
-> be connected to the univers to other people