Short Hackathon – design proposal


After our data collection, we tried to come up with ideas to ‘solve’ the problems we pointed. The lack of bike parks (even scooters park) was quite obvious. But in my opinion, before encouraging people to do bicycle, you should give them a ‘safe’ environment to do so. Works on the side of the roads (big holes, rocks, pool of water…), and cycle lines when it is possible would made a big change. It seems quite crazy that most of the time bikes and buses are sharing the same space, when you see the difference of size, speed of these 2 mode of transport. Not to mention that, sometime buse drivers are not very attentive to cyclists (I am talking with experience).

Secondly we saw so many groups of ‘friends’ (parents, or children) going to school/home together. By organising walking/cycling stops other children could join these groups and the other parents would not have to bring them with car (because it is on the way to work, lack of time…).

Finally, the observation of the inequality between some part of the neighbourhood is what interrogate me the most. How the north-west part of Inverleith doesn’t take advantage to the very attractive area of Stockbridge? Why so much inequity inside the same neighbourhood? How to transform it into something where people would like to spend time ? Without transforming it into the new ‘inn’ place where the population could not effort to live anymore. It is a lot of questions without answer yet, but I am willing to have a try to break this boundaries and give more opportunities to this part of the neighbourhood. 

For more information and precedents see our Presentation



Bicycles parks

Needs of more parking for bicycles and scooters to encourage people and children to use their bikes

Bike park locations:
Shopping center 

From Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership priorities

  • Promotion to local green spaces
  • Social interaction
  • Encourage to cycle or walk to schools
  • Improvement of the environment
  • Opportunity to encourage and support more people, of all ages, to participate in physical activity across a wide range of formats

Walking/cycling stops

  • Safer path for commuting students from/to home by walking and cycling
  • Cooperation in the community
  • The stops could be hub for local community
  • People coming from the same neighbourhood

From Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership priorities

  • opportunities to identify inter generational activities
  • the wider community can enjoy access to improved local
  • safety when walking or cycling
  • engage communities around the walking / cycling stops
  • support greater numbers of young people being involved in positive activity

Link in Inverleith

  • Break the boundaries inside the area
  • Enable people from the north part to have a better access to the rest of the city
  • Make the cycle path more accessible and safer at night
  • New possible cycle pass to link this area to the parks and make this part of the city more attractive.

From Inverleith Neighborhood Partnership priorities

  • Identify ways to link cycle path networks to local public area
  • Develop a youth/Partnership gathering to identify where improvements can be achieved
  • Identify and agree specific areas which may require additional support
  • Engage with service providers to agree appropriate actions