Design and experimentation of the 4 arms turntable

The goal is to create a turntable with 4 arms, allowing to listen to 4 tracks of a single vinyl at the same time.
Each vinyl will be the representation of an object. Each track will be the transposition of data from the object into sound.
The tracks will be representative of:
– the material of the object (molecule composition of all the materials composing the object)
– the size : volume, density, form, data extract from the 3D model
– memories: story from the owner
– use: movements, sound it masques, is it a static object, portable…
I already made a video concept of it for a previous concept

We made a try with 2 turntable, using the 2 arm on one. And it works, we get the 2 tracks at the same time

For the design of the installation I started to make some sketches and 3D drawings. They are the first attempts.