Change the behaviour by bringing art


Is it possible to change behaviours by bringing ‘beautiful’ into public spaces ? I really believe in this idea. One of the main example of this is the ‘Art stations’ in Naples metro. It seems that the Italian city have the most sordid reputation, streets are dirty, it is viewed as a crime centre. Nevertheless they made amazing change in how people use and respect the subway station by bringing contemporary art in the corridors, elevators…

Art should help us to make our daily routine better, tele-transporting us in another more beautiful and superior dimension. This is in fact is the concept at the base of “Art Stations” in Naples metro, a project promoted by the city council to make the mobility spaces more charming, giving to everyone the possibility to meet contemporary art. Interior and exterior spaces of the stations received about 200 works of more than 100 eminent contemporary artists, creating one of the most interesting examples of decentralized museum, distributed on the whole urban area, a museum that becomes an expositive path that permits a dynamic fruition, not anymore a closed place. The realization of the different stations has been committed to internationally renowned architects and represents a strong requalification of big areas of the urban fabric.” Enzo Lofrano

“Artists come and present their vision of Naples to help Neapolitans see their city differently” Antonella Di Nocera

“This wasn’t about decorating the architecture, it’s about enhancing the space with the works of artists called on to dialogue with the space” Mr. Bonito Oliva