Car skeletons


Very interesting performance to demonstrate how much space could be gained if more people were using bicycles. It is simple, cheap, visually beautiful and the message is very clear. This could be also derived to show the security distance between cyclist and cars.

“During this year’s european week of sustainable mobility, a branch of latvian cyclists part of the let’s bike it community staged a creative protest, which effectively — and cleverly — showed that cars with single occupants take up way too much space. The streets of riga were lined with hand-crafted constructions of full-scale car frames, made to sit on the shoulders of the bike rider. Bamboo-like rods tethered together created the skeleton of a vehicle-sized structure, while bright colored paint ensured their visibility on the road. The wearable units extend far beyond the width of an individual cyclist — a truly representative and definite illustration of the difference in scale from driver to bike rider.” From Design boom.