Back in time (2 years ago)

Being at home – like more than 50% of the world population – without any project currently, gave me time to finally edit and select pictures we took during the past 2 years.

Looking back at our life during this lockdown; at all the incredible landscapes we saw, the kind and helpful people we met, the simple life we lived in our car – help me remind myself how lucky and grateful we are for the life we have.
Looking forward for when will we able to leave the flat and take Marsouin for its first adventure – Marsouin (Porpoise in English) is our camper, a T4 VW from 1995 we bought 2 weeks before lockdown.

This virus also highlight the impact we have on our planet and Nature is currently enjoying to be left quiet. Even though we always do our best to leave little trace behind us when traveling – we will try to reduce our impact even more in the future (I don’t think you know anyone driving as slow as us, trying to lower our consumption of petrol as much as possible 😉 – and we are selling the Beluga which is running on Diesel – yes it was a bad decision to buy it in the first place, but well we are learning from our mistakes).

This week, I will post one album a day – sharing my escape time with the World Wide Web.

I am starting with a trip we did with La Baleine (the Whale) 2 years ago. We drove from France to Timisoara in Romania, going though Germany, Austria and Hungary. He took us 10 days with stops along the way and Clément working remotely while I was driving (slowly and slightly stressed). He worked 3 weeks in Timi, where we camped on the carpark of his company and visited the country during the week-ends.

Romania is an incredible country; so far unspoiled by tourism, it offers the last remaining preserved virgin forests in Europe, sheltering centuries-old trees, sites of rich biodiversity and home to wildlife such as the brown bears, wolves and lynxes.
An offbeat road trip in Romania will take you through some of its most gorgeous historical villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the iconic Dracula’s Castle, scenic roads… One of the most iconic is the Transfăgărășan (this Top Gear video made it quite famous for car enthusiasts) – we were going at less than 30km/h, giving us enough time to truly appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape – the sky was clear for the first part until the tunnel – we entered it and when we came on the other side, at the top, we were in a big cloud of mist and rain, creating an unrealistic and quite magical atmosphere.

Unfortunately we had to drive back to France in 48 hours and skip our plan to visit Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy. It will be for another time…

Road Trip, 2018

Austria, Germany, Hungry, Romania
Pictures by Clément Mouchet & Me