Talk @ Autodesk Shanghai Designer November Meetup

I had the honour to be invited by George Cao on Nov 8 (2016) to give a talk at the Autodesk Shanghai Designer November Meetup. 20+ designers attended, I presented my work as a researcher and a designer @ Edinburgh University and @ EGF, and particularly about my contribution during the collaboration with Autodesk Bio/Nano Research Group working on Genetic Constructor. Most of the content of the talk can be found in this other blog post : biodesign talk.


“In her inspirational talk around the topic of “Designing with Living Things”,
Anais guided designers to get a glimpse of Synthetic Biology and how to design user-friendly tools for this domain. Designers were fascinated both by the complexity of Synthetic Genomes technology and how Anais translates it into a modernized and easy-to-understand application UI with the design thinking behind the scene. She also showcased some of her works of conceptual design & art which are futuristic and pretty inspiring.”

George Cao

It was such a pleasure to meet with the all team of designers, being able to discuss with the people who are conceiving and developping some of my favourite app (sketchbook on iPad, AutoCAD…). I hope I will be able to see everyone again soon. Thank you again.