3 cogs clock idea

Instead of putting forward the disaster we produce, I decided to find a way to reemphasise the fact that we are part of the nature we destroy. From that I am hopping to make people remember that our action on ecosystem have a direct impact on human life.



From this statement, I got the idea to show this inextricable link we have with nature by showing that our rhythm are interconnected. I wanted to build a clock made with 3 cogs: the gear driver would make turn the arm representative of the ‘planet’; making turn a transitional one (to make the two other turn on the same direction), making turn a third one with an arm for ‘human’. The challenges were to find data which would give me a duration of the cycle of a natural resource in nature and compare it with a cycle in  human body, allowing me to determine the speed and the number of teeth for each cog. The message I wanted to foster was that humans, like nature, have inner clocks, and each component of our body is regulated by cycle: blood in our vein, heart beat, water and oxygen coming in and out in a cycle. Moreover the underline message was that if the gear driver stop (the planet one), the human gear will stop too. I choose water again for the same reason as previously and I investigate the time it stay in the body, the duration it takes to be fully assimilated… I researched the same for plants and trees, looking at the cycle from assimilation to transpiration. I also looked into the cycle of water and the time it stay in rivers, atmosphere, seas… The issue was that all the data I found was approximative and depend on the person, on the tree, the climate condition. Too many parameters had to be considered for each calculation, which made impossible to get a precise universal duration and rhythm which would have make sense to link human and nature. Therefore, this idea did not succeeded, however it made me start researching around the concept of time. I knew the answer was to find an alternative way of conveying a sense of time which would revive the connection between humans and nature.